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  1. With MAX being held over election day there is no way I can be there.
    Considering how many political web sites you have been pointing out that run on CF maybe this should be a consideration in the future?!!

  2. Jane, actually, it is a perfect time for most attendees, the 2000 conference was also on election day (in D.C.) and it was our best attended conference ever. Voting absentee is not an issue for most, and the debate and discussion makes for a great backdrop.

  3. yeah, im an avid voter, KERRY ALL THE WAY!!! and have registered for an absentee ballot and am happy to be aware for this day… what a relief, not to mention ill be able to watch the election from the BIG EASY!!!
    ben… should be a blast!
    🙂 take it easy man, and ill see ya there, also, my wife is coming with me this time…you’ll get to meet her, she’s cool.

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