Another SMS Example, Online Banking

China Mobile and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) have launched a mobile phone banking SMS service across China. China Mobile customers can send a SMS message to 777795588 to obtain bank account information detailing fund transfers, donations, and expenditures. Blurb at This is the latest online banking announcement, similar applications have already been deployed in New Zealand, Korea, United Arab Emirates, and more.
Just another example of the type of application you’ll be able to create with SMS support in ColdFusion Blackstone.

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  1. Steven Ringo Avatar
    Steven Ringo

    Rather strange how the US has been so slow to cotton onto the benefits of SMS – rather far behind the UK, Europe, Oceania and South Africa. We (in South Africa) have been using SMS for such things as vehicle tracking (, live voting at football matches, competitions – I even use it for alerts when my server is down. We too have had SMS banking for a while – see, The next best thing coming up is USSD – another GSM technology thats easiset to describe as "menu-driven" sms.

  2. dude Avatar

    mobile banking has taken lead in some of the asian countries as well .. like india and china ….. there are some obvious advantages of <a href="">mobile banking/</a> the least of them being lower service costs..

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