SMS Language Translation Services

A couple of days ago I mentioned the new Google SMS service, well, here is another SMS application for you to consider. The next time you are in Europe, and need help with translations, simply send your text to LingoPhone via SMS, and you’ll get back a translated response. LingoPhone between English and French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese (and back). Simply send an SMS message to +353861774625 (353 is Ireland, so international charges may apply) containing the language and the text to translate, and you’ll get an SMS response with the translation. Another nice example of SMS based applications (and yes, something like this would be really easy to implement in ColdFusion Blackstone). Details at

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    Ben, Loving event gateway and SMS integration. I’m new to SMS but excited by the possibilities. Do you have any examples or articles on sites making money directly from their SMS ventures and if so how doe payments work? Cheers.

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