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Lots of attention is on the upcoming US elections. But, and this may come as a surprise to some Americans, there are lots of other countries out there, and many hold elections too! Australia is in the midst of election season, and the Australian Electoral Commission web site at is powered by ColdFusion. Thanks to Peter Tilbrook for this one.

2 responses to “And Not Just US Elections Either”

  1. James Holmes Avatar
    James Holmes

    There you go, I used it to find my polling place and didn’t even look at the address bar to discover CF under the covers. CF pops up everywhere.

  2. Edward Rynearson Avatar
    Edward Rynearson

    Maybe we could get Diebold to use CF rather than VP and Access for their national electronic no-paper trail voting machines. You can change the election results by changing the values in an unoprotected access database!

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