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Others have blogged this already, but it is important enough that I’ll risk being repetitious. Google has created an SMS interface to its namesake search engine and information front end. Simply send a text SMS message to GOOGL (46645) and you’ll get a return message with a response. Send “coffee 48237” to find coffee shops near my home. Send “last name, city, state” to lookup a phone number. Send “617” to determine where that area code is. And much more. Details, and examples, at
So why is this so important? Because ColdFusion Blackstone will allow you to create your own SMS front ends to your own applications (and in far less lines of code than you’d have thought possible).
If you are still trying to figure out what SMS support in Blackstone can do for you, take a look at what Google has done.

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  1. Edward Rynearson Avatar
    Edward Rynearson

    I urge you to take a look at this. Thanks Ben!

  2. Yacoubean Avatar

    So basically, one could create a similar interface with BlackStone? Say I have a company directory I want to expose with SMS (not that my company would let me do that, but just for example…), someone could send an SMS to the number with the query "employee Ben Forta", and it would query the database and return an employee record. That would be pretty durn cool! 🙂

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