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The newly announced Macromedia Flex non-commercial/non-institutional deployment license enables individuals, including students, technology educators and individual developers to build and deploy Flex applications at no cost (except for a small shipping and handling fee). Participants also receive 1 license of Macromedia Flex Builder, the Macromedia IDE for Flex. Details in the updated Flex FAQ at

6 responses to “No Cost Flex Non-Commercial / Non-Institutional Deployment License”

  1. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta
  2. Someone Avatar

    No offese to Flex but the price is totally out of this world. Being a CF developer, I would love to get my hands dirty with Flex. I think that I could really develope some kick ass apps that we could use where I work.
    I was thinking about shelling out the $10 to buy the trial cd (I can’t believe you can’t download a trial for Flex) and start playing around with it. Then I saw the price: $12,000!
    When in the hell am I going to get $12,000 for this product. Mortgage my house, sell some stock, sell my wife, where! No offense to Macromedia, but they will probably sell maybe 100 copies of this thing and that’s it. Who in their right mind would pay that much.
    Yeah Flex make devloping applications easy, but let’s face it, all it is is dynamic Flash. You could do the same thing with CF, Flash and Flash remoting. It would take you longer, but you could do it. I been looking around the web at sample Flex app that people have done and they really are nothing special when you look in depth at them. I just think it would nice to use MXML inside of pussing around with Flash.
    Ben needs to tell Macromedia that they are out of their minds at to adjust the pricing A LOT! I shuddered when I paid 6,000 for CFMX 6.1, but I have to say that I needed it. If nothing, just for the ability to be able to cluster multiple instances on a single machine. CFMX was worth the money.

  3. Sven Claar Avatar
    Sven Claar

    btw…$12,000! is for 2 CPU’s and you can split these to different servers for example 2? 😉
    Anyway $12,000 / 2 = $6.000
    Please make this entry not to another flex pricetag discussion at a day with this great announcement!

  4. Trond Ulseth Avatar
    Trond Ulseth

    On a side note it is worth to notice that Laszlo ( now has gone open source.

  5. Someone Avatar

    Just looked at Laszlo, OH MY GOD!!! My prayers were answered in a day! I’m going to be downloading it tonight and jerking around with it.
    Forget shelling out 12 grand for Flex. This is the way to go.

  6. Stacy Young Avatar
    Stacy Young

    Develop with Laszlo and then Flex for a week and get back to me. 😉 Night and day folks.
    I hope flex 2.0 makes its way into hands of hosting corps. It’s badly needed!

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