More CF Powered NFL, The Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions, my local NFL franchise, also has a ColdFusion MX powered site at In addition, the Ford Field site at and the Lions media site at are also powered by ColdFusion MX. This one courtesy Chris Poterala of TEKgroup (the company which built and hosts these sites).

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  1. pats fan Avatar
    pats fan

    The champs, the New England Patriots, in Allaire country, are powered by CF as well.

  2. Edward Rynearson Avatar
    Edward Rynearson

    I wish the NFL site developers would join this century of web development and nix the thick and unnecessary GUI.
    We fans want rich content (articles,radio/TV interviews not available outside the teams regional coverage, forums we can participate in, ecommerce ETC . . .) and want to find it easily.
    Cold Fusion and the other splendid Macromedia projects makes this easy.
    Keep it simple and rich in content!

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