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  1. Ben,
    After decades of despising the Dallas Cowboys, I now how 2 reasons to not dislike them so much.
    1. They use CF (or, probably more accurate, they hired a firm who specializes in CF) for their web site.
    2. Bill Parcells (hey…I am a die-hard Giants fan and it’s against the Giants ‘Code of Ethics’ to speak ill of Parcells)

  2. Alright, I’m going to amend my comment. I read the initial one too quickly. I can ‘not dislike’ the CowPokes in that they use CF. That’s great. But Bill Parcells doesn’t qualify as a reason for me. I’m a Redskins fan from cradle-to-grave, and he has been too big a thorn in my side lo, all these years. Yes, including last night. Sigh. Parcells in Dallas. Nothing could be worse.

  3. I’m a big Cowboys fan having grown up in Temple Texas during the days of Staubach. The Gibbs/Parcells matchup brings some excitement back to this ancient rivalry.
    I’m glad that the official ‘boys site uses Cold Fusion but wish they would make the site more user friendly. The homepage is definitely a "every thing and the kitchen sink" presentation and you are forced to use 1028 resolution to read the articles on one page.
    As a fan, I wish for a much more user friendly site that easily displays and delivers content that I come to the site for.

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