Quad-Band Bluetooth Enabled Blackberry

I’ve been tempted by Blackberry, but thus far have shied away from the device (I don’t like the bulky form factor and was never impressed with the phone functionality and interface). But that might have changed. Blackberry has announced the 7100, a Blackberry that feels and looks more like a phone, it supports Bluetooth (an absolute base requirement for me) and quad-band GSM. The only problem I see is that the device is locked and only supports T-Mobile, and I have seen no details of an AT&T edition (or better, an unlocked phone). Details at

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  1. alessandro Avatar

    Yes, Ben, buy it and then get macromedia to write a decent flash player for symbian…. i beg you!

  2. Brian Avatar

    I don’t think T-Mobile is problem. I just switched to them from AT&T and I’m very happy I did. I don’t travel as much as you, but t-mobile’s service in Vegas is much better than AT&T’s (even AT&T with 850, their so called best network ever).

  3. Howard Fore Avatar
    Howard Fore

    Not sure if your Bluetooth interaction is handset or data sync but FYI (from the review in <a href="">Forbes</a&gt;):
    <br />
    <i>There’s even a speakerphone which is easily activated during a call, and the device also supports Bluetooth wireless technology for wireless headsets, though it can’t sync its data with your PC via Bluetooth. For that you’ll need the included USB cable.</i><br />
    <br />
    I can’t imagine why someone would cripple the functionality like this.

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