Cologne Wraps Europe Trip

I just finished a full day of Blackstone related activities in Cologne, Germany. Once again, this was a very interactive and engaged crowd, they were even willing to delay their coffee and cake break so as to be able to see more demos! 🙂 The big winners, (which was greeted with the now regular “I need it now” response), Flash forms, and event gateways. Lots of interest in the new deployment options too. Kai König was blogging in real time from the back of the room, you can read his comments at

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  1. Mark Murphy Avatar
    Mark Murphy

    What do CF developers see for possibilities in the event gateways? It seems like a cool feature but not something CF developers are going to really use on a regular basis for web based apps…or am I missing something?

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Lots of stuff …
    SMS is far more prevalent in Europe, and the potential of SMS integration excites folks. Many were discussing business ideas.
    One attendee has a hotel management app, and wants to use gateways to tie in to other hotel systems.
    Someone mentioned links to Cisco VoIP systems.
    There were other ideas too. This is definitely one that will take time for folks to get their heads around.

  3. O?uz Demirkap? Avatar
    O?uz Demirkap?

    Thanks Ben! Today was great!
    I think Socket support was the most important part of todays presentation. Not only SMS there are lots of other possiblities to create Interactive services. These features will be great opportunity for community tools such as portals.
    I hope everyone gets beta in a short time 🙂

  4. Oguz Demirkapi Avatar
    Oguz Demirkapi

    And this blog needs Unicode support just to write my name correctly.

  5. Frederic BECHOUX Avatar
    Frederic BECHOUX

    This was not only a presentation, but we could also feel the passion, both from Ben and from the audience.
    Yes, I want the cfdocument now. I also want the administration API now. Gateways now would also be lovely. Flash forms, easier multiple instance management, application compiler… I want it all now.
    I am really looking forward to have the beta installed on our test servers… or even maybe on production servers
    But next time, consider a full day presentation, it might be better 😉

  6. Andrea Veggiani Avatar
    Andrea Veggiani

    I think that the new event gateway feature is the most exciting of all.
    Beside the embedded SMS gateway (which here in Europe catch all the attention) I think that the included XMPP gateway for Instant Messaging is
    something wonderful.
    Andrea Veggiani

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