Amsterdam Does Not Disappoint

The usergroup event this evening went really well. A standing room only crowd of 80 attendees packed into the venue, an old church that had been renovated into a high-tech office, and the response and feedback to Blackstone was phenomenal. What most impressed me was how tech-savvy and current the group was, over 90% of those present were running CFMX or CFMX6.1, a considerably greater percentage than what we usually see. The big winner here was , most attendees identified that tag is the reason to upgrade. The close runner-up was event gateways. As I said, a very tech-savvy crowd indeed.
Next stop, Milan.

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  1. Laurent Avatar

    Very nice to finally see you IRL, it was great presentation about a great product! I, for one, can’t wait to get busy with the beta (hopefully) or the final product.
    I would like to see the image manipulation making it in the final though 🙂

  2. Erwin Verdonk Avatar
    Erwin Verdonk

    It was indeed nice to have you presenting Blackstone for us Ben. Thanks for the feedback of your experience with us :-).
    The combination of <CFDOCUMENT> and the event gateways would make me consider upgrading yes. But as Laurent mentioned as well, when you guys provide us with a good image manipulation feature we are all set to go!
    Have a pleasant trip through Europe.

  3. Erwin Verdonk Avatar
    Erwin Verdonk

    By the way:
    It isn’t you who is speaking to quickly, it were those French who translate to slowly 😉

  4. Peter Tilbrook Avatar
    Peter Tilbrook

    Nice to see the Dutch getting a look in. We were lucky to have Tim Buntel at MXDU 2004. Hope he, Sean Corfield, Mike Chambers, Ed Sullivan and yourself can make it to MXDU 2005 (have started saving up for it already). Of course Blackstone may already be with us by then as a production product (fingers crossed).

  5. Jorrit Janszen Avatar
    Jorrit Janszen

    I loved the new features that were presented, but also made me think.
    All the new features that were presented (multi-select, wizards, tab forms, date picker, etc.) we already developed.
    A great bless was the feature you almost skipped during the presentation: inline images in cfmail. I already wrote a script that scanned an HTML message, downloaded the images and converted the whole email to MIME, but this new option is much more transparent!
    Where can I sign up for the Beta? 😉

  6. Michael van Leest Avatar
    Michael van Leest

    Yes it was really a great presentsation! The SMS application is a really cool one…

  7. Vinny Timmermans Avatar
    Vinny Timmermans

    It is always a pleasure to watch people who are really passionate about a product. Thanks and have a good time during the rest of your trip

  8. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

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