Yahoo! Offers $9.95/year Domain Name Registration

Is this going to trigger a price war? Yahoo! is offering domain name registrations (.com, ,net, .org, .biz, .info, .us) for $9.95 a year (without a multi year contract). See

5 responses to “Yahoo! Offers $9.95/year Domain Name Registration”

  1. Drew Chaney Avatar
    Drew Chaney

    Maybe, I paid $8.50 (1 year) for a recent domain from

  2. Don Avatar
    Don also offers a great deal

  3. eokyere Avatar

    you might also want to check out for domains at USD 5.99

  4. Alex Aguilar Avatar
    Alex Aguilar started offering them at $11.95 then dropped to $7.95
    heh, and good ol’ NetSol and Register still charge $35

  5. Britt Mileshosky Avatar
    Britt Mileshosky

    HOSTWAY – $6.95

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