This courtesy of Andy Allan. The following Scottish football sites are powered by ColdFusion, Scottish Football Association (, Scottish Football League (,
and Aberdeen Football Club ( And then there is Scotland’s biggest venue, the Scottish Exhibition + Conference Centre (, and the associated Queens Dock Project (
Sounds like justification for a return visit to me!

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  1. Scotland does indeed love ColdFusion. The Scottish CFUG is the first CFUG to offer to not only host myelf as a presenter but also arrange a sponsor to cover the cost of my flight! I spoke for 3 1/2 hours about software architecture and as far as I know, they loved it! Enough so to invite me back for a possible second (full-day) engagement. Everyone was very friendly and Edinburgh is a terrific city to visit, as well.

  2. A damn good presentation it was too Simon! Never bought you a beer though, so I’m glad to hear Duncan and James have invited you back, so I’ll have to make up for next time!

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