Scotland Loves ColdFusion!

This courtesy of Andy Allan. The following Scottish football sites are powered by ColdFusion, Scottish Football Association (, Scottish Football League (,
and Aberdeen Football Club ( And then there is Scotland’s biggest venue, the Scottish Exhibition + Conference Centre (, and the associated Queens Dock Project (
Sounds like justification for a return visit to me!

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  1. Rob Roy Avatar
    Rob Roy

    Don’t forget Scotland’s national newspaper, The Scotsman at (<a href=""></a&gt;)…!

  2. paul Avatar
    paul hosted in america but made in scotland. Current exchange rate cuts down on hosting costs (-: is another succesful scottish company that uses CF.

  3. nobody much Avatar
    nobody much

    Another reason for a return visit would be to experience the Edinburgh Festival, also a CF-powered site:

  4. Andy Allan Avatar
    Andy Allan

    And just to follow up on the links I sent Ben, here’s a few more.
    Kilmarnock Football Club
    Abertay University, Dundee

  5. Andy Allan Avatar
    Andy Allan

    Daily Record newspaper too

  6. nobody much Avatar
    nobody much

    Speaking of the Scotsman, they have possibly the largest collection of RSS feeds of any news organisation in the world. All powered by CF, of course:

  7. uncle.wilco Avatar

    Its not just the Scots, we Welsh love CF as well!

  8. Simon Horwith Avatar
    Simon Horwith

    Scotland does indeed love ColdFusion. The Scottish CFUG is the first CFUG to offer to not only host myelf as a presenter but also arrange a sponsor to cover the cost of my flight! I spoke for 3 1/2 hours about software architecture and as far as I know, they loved it! Enough so to invite me back for a possible second (full-day) engagement. Everyone was very friendly and Edinburgh is a terrific city to visit, as well.

  9. Andy Allan Avatar
    Andy Allan

    A damn good presentation it was too Simon! Never bought you a beer though, so I’m glad to hear Duncan and James have invited you back, so I’ll have to make up for next time!

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