Need a Quad-Band GSM Phone

Do you have (or have you used) a quad-band GSM phone? The only ones I have seen are the Motorola v400, Motorola v500, Motorola v600, the NEC 525, the Palm Treo 600, and the Sharp GX32. (It does not look like Nokia or Sony Ericsson have any to offer, even the new SE p910 comes in three different tri-band options instead of a quad-band, how stupid!). While not a Motorola fan, I am leaning towards the v600 for now. But … any suggestions?

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  1. Jim Avatar

    I have a V400 and absolutely loathe it.
    1. it occasionally fails to turn on – or turns on without the screen powering up – so it’s ‘on’ but there is no indication of it.
    2. the volume/ring-style buttons on the side – I constantly press these while: using the phone, pulling the phone on/off my belt clip, inside my motorcycle tankbag, or in my pocket.
    3. the UI is a bit tedious but not too bad – easy to move around once you get used to it.
    4. the exterior screen is very easy to scratch
    5. the color screen is sometimes hard to read in sunlight
    6. camera is useless w/no flash except outdoors
    On the good side:
    – sound is very good
    – keypad is easy to use (big fingers)
    – battery life is ok (esp on standby)
    If I could afford it I’d get another Palm phone. I had one of the original VisorPhones and loved it.

  2. Brian Avatar

    I just bought a new V300 phone (in the mail) and found to be an excellent resource. They have a good forum there as well. (sorry, it is PHP).

  3. Paul McDonald Avatar
    Paul McDonald

    I’m using a v600 at the moment, nice phone.

  4. Drew Chaney Avatar
    Drew Chaney

    I have been using the Treo 600 since last November. Everything is great except photo resolution. The extra cost for the USB SYNCH/CHARGER from Palm is great as you can use it as a modem(PDANet software) while also charging. Amazon and Sprint both offered fab rebates.

  5. Calvin Ward Avatar
    Calvin Ward

    The Treo won’t work for you Ben, as there isn’t any Bluetooth support…
    However, I really like my Treo 600 though!

  6. Drew Chaney Avatar
    Drew Chaney

    I believe you can get a bluetooth SD card. Handspring was working with 3rd parties. I haven’t researched lately as I work toothless.

  7. Drew Chaney Avatar
    Drew Chaney

    Well my curiosity got the better of me and I researched Bluetooth availability for the treo 600. It turns out that there is a bounty ( available for someone to create a Treo 600 driver for either the Toshiba, PalmOne, or Socket Bluetooth SD card. The driver must also enable the Bluetooth headset.

  8. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Bluetooth is indeed a deal-beaker for me, but I doubt I’d go for a Treo anyway, I am not a fan of the PDAs that double as phones (and much prefer the reverse). It looks like the v600 is what I’ll go with for now, I have 30 days to return it if I don’t like it (and I doubt I will, I find flip-phones to be too big and clumsy). Maybe I should wait for the Motorola RAZR ….

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