Last week I posted an entry entitled “Defending ColdFusion Against Java”, and several of you e-mailed me to ask my thoughts on ASP and ASP.NET. I just posted three more entries in this series, and so that they are all linked, here are the URL’s:
These are my own thoughts on the subject, not official Macromedia positioning or responses, and if you agree or disagree or whatever, please share.

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  1. Ben,
    Thanks for taking the time to put these wonderful entries together.
    Not sure if this was intentional, but I noticed that the links here to your other entries point to an admin version without your standard layout…

  2. Thank you; You don’t know how many times we present our product/s to Fortune 500 companies who’s IT department have a ‘my way is the best way’ chip on their shoulder.
    I am going to use these articles to educate our sales staff so they can toss out a proverbial empathy cushion as soon as the objections start.
    Again, Thanks

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