About 9 months ago, I blogged an entry about The Wharton School portal being powered by ColdFusion (see http://www.forta.com/blog/index.cfm?mode=e&entry=925). In that time, the folks at Wharton have been busy, and CFDJ is reporting that they just rolled out the 10th version of the site, looking even more impressive, and still powered by ColdFusion MX (and some Flash). Story at http://sys-con.com/story/?storyid=45758, site at http://spike.wharton.upenn.edu/.

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  1. I am one of the developers from the SPIKE team at The Wharton School. We did create the calendar and most of the content you see on SPIKE in-house. We had specific administrative needs that drove this as well as wanting a more robust system than I have seen in other calendar apps. One of my favorite features is the hierarchical category list which is recursively generated from a table of categories with parent-child relationships.
    The calendar as well as most of the site is powered by CFML with a SQL back-end.

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