Spike Milligan has posted a blog entry on how to replace CF tag processing with your own functionality. Obviously, this is a dangerous thing to do (not that I would not do it myself). But having said that, this makes for interesting reading. See http://www.spike.org.uk/blog/index.cfm?data=20040730#10C5B3BA-D565-E33F-31222AD09A2FE6FC.

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  1. I did mull over whether or not to blog this, but a few people suggested that it would be good info to have out there.
    The only time I’d recommend using it is when it will save you a lot of time when debugging, or when you want to run a commercial application that was written for a server like BlueDragon and uses some of the tags not supported by ColdFusion.
    Other than that, it will almost certainly be a maintenance headache.

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