Microsoft Using ColdFusion MX

Microsoft using ColdFusion MX? Is it possible? Actually, yes, it is! The Microsoft Office Live Meeting / PlaceWare site at is powered by ColdFusion (the homepage is even named index.cfm). Some of the external links are to asp pages, but the core site seems to be ColdFusion (and lots of Flash too). Now we just need to get them to abandon Live Meeting for Breeze. 🙂 Thanks to Thom Theriault for bringing this one to my attention.

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  1. fuzie Avatar

    on a related note…

  2. c Avatar

    Uhhh. Slightly incorrect. Placeware is not a Microsoft company. Placeware simply provides the Live Meeting functionality as a service!!!

  3. thom Avatar

    Microsoft purchased Placeware.
    from the placeare website footer-
    © 2004 All Rights Reserved. PlaceWare, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    C, that is incorrect, see the footer:
    PlaceWare, Inc. is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation

  5. igtats Avatar

    I bet there are tons of cfm pages hiding behind the Microsoft intranets…

  6. Uwe Raddatz Avatar
    Uwe Raddatz

    … as well as Macromedia is using Active Server Pages 😉 (see

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