Faith In AT&T Restored

Several months ago I blogged the worst customer experience I ever had while trying to get information from AT&T. Well, once again I am blogging about AT&T customer support, but this experience was the exact opposite.
I had a simple technical question (pertaining to GSM network frequencies), and I knew that calling the toll-free number would be a waste of time. I was browsing the AT&T forums to see if anyone else had asked a similar question, and noticed a Tech Support Chat live forum. The chat window is a Java applet, and customers (it prompts for your AT&T wireless number to ensure that you are in fact a customer) can post messages which are queued and responded to. I posted my question, received a response less than a minute later, posted a follow-up question, and again received an almost immediate response. I am more than impressed. If you need AT&T Wireless tech support, try the live forum at (and if you see an AT&T rep with the nick “Spalding” you’ll be in good hands).

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  1. Michael Vidal Avatar
    Michael Vidal

    Glad to hear you are happy with AT&T Wireless customer care support. Thanks for updating the blog.
    Hey! Sorry I couldn’t make it to the New Jersey CF Central user group meeting this past month. Hopefully will see you there later this year. :^)

  2. Live Order taking Avatar
    Live Order taking

    Well at least your opinion about AT&T changed. My opinion abou the Dell Customer Suport Service hasnt yet changed and I still regard them as the worst Customer Support provider.

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