Staying On Top Of Harry Potter News (Powered by ColdFusion, Of Course)

The following is an excerpt from an e-mail I received from Jeff Guillaume …
Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator (HPANA), HPANA has become one of the most visited fan sites online with 3 million+ page views monthly, a community of over 14,000 Muggles, and it’s all custom built with ColdFusion. The heart of it is a proprietary content aggregation system that culls news headlines from a variety of sources using XML, HTML and text parsing. I make extensive use of CFCs, and have a content administration system for the volunteer staff to post news to the site. Content is syndicated to Google News,, LiveJournal and many others, by way of our RSS feeds. We’ve been featured nationally and internationally (see … If you want to follow book 6 news, subscribe to the RSS feed at our brand new mini-site, – the first site dedicated solely to book six.
Thanks, Jeff!

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  1. vesa kortelainen Avatar
    vesa kortelainen

    Hey Ben, you really like HP? I seen so many blog entries related to HP lately.. x)
    Im not fan of HP but Im so tired and I clicked that HPANA link.. haha

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