Just Too Cool Department: Bluetooth Luggage Tags

I don’t check bags when I fly, but if I did … Bluebird is a Bluetooth luggage tag. Once paired, Bluebird will communicate with your phone as soon as it is in range (within 30 feet), sending a signal to the phone, and flashing brightly to get your attention. So, no standing at the carousel, instead you sit and wait (probably online via a Bluetooth connection) and when your luggage eventually rolls into range you’ll be notified. This type of thinking just warms the heart (and may even justify checking luggage!). See story at

4 responses to “Just Too Cool Department: Bluetooth Luggage Tags”

  1. Lucas Avatar

    Ok, that is just too damn cool!

  2. Brian Avatar

    The only problem is that at PHL you are not allowed to use your phone at the luggage carousel. Think the FAA and PHL administrators will make an exception for me? 🙂

  3. Sam Farmer Avatar
    Sam Farmer

    How much is it? I couldn’t find pricing information anywhere.

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    No pricing yet, not yet shipping.

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