Jakob Nielson: Winning Government Sites Use ColdFusion

This one is old news, but I was just reminded of it while catching up with e-mail. Jakob Neilson has an article on on a competition to identify the world’s ten best government intranets. The Winning sites (in the U.S., Australia, Sweden, United Kingdom, and Canada) are listed in the article, along with a rundown of the winners’ five most used technologies. And the only language / scripting technology listed is ColdFusion. Full story is at

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  1. Mike Brunt Avatar
    Mike Brunt

    Interesting article and in some ways a little confused. To put Microsoft SQL and IIS in the same category as ColdFusion and show them as used more frequently is very misleading as they are obviously not languages. As you point out Ben, this is a significant plus for CF. In reality, MS SQL and IIS should not even be mentioned in the same context in my opinion.

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