Over 40 User Groups in 3 Hours

I introduced Blackstone to over 40 user groups today. From Australia to Brazil to South Africa to Germany to Colombia, to all over the USA and Canada, and all in about 3 hours. Impossible? Not if you are using Breeze, and each time I present a Breezo (Breeze presentation have been dubbed “Breezos”) I can’t help but be amazed by the product. Slides, screen sharing, voice over IP (successfully heard the world over), video, chat and comments, real-time polls … and the thing just works, simply, it’s a thing of beauty. Really.
So, over 40 groups in two 90 minute sessions. I could not cover as much content as I did when presenting in person, waiting for questions, having to talk a bit slower, having to be a little sensitive to unnecessarily frequent screen changes, all of that takes time. But we did get through the bulk of the content, and the responses were as enthusiastic and useful as ever.
And now I get a short break from presentations, until we pick up again in Europe and Asia.

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  1. Richard East Avatar
    Richard East

    Is there any chance of posting a link to this presentation?

  2. Ed Tabara Avatar
    Ed Tabara

    yeah! would be great to see that presentation.

  3. Ryan Avatar

    Sorry…can’t/won’t be done. The presentations were intended to educate the community, facilitate feedback TO MM on the developer’s needs, and (in my opinion) encourage participation in user groups.
    Ben visited about 25 user groups in person and then presented to the 40 or so last night. He still has Europe & Asia to hit. I understand and sympathize with you if the schedule or locations didn’t work for you (or there is no user group near by).
    However, take this as a great reason to START a user group, User groups can focus on an individual MM product (CF, Flash, etc.) or the whole gamut. Information on starting a group can be found at the link above.
    To my knowledge the presentation will not be made available to the public.

  4. Erick Rodriguez Avatar
    Erick Rodriguez

    Hello Ben.
    I’m too excited for the new features of ColdFusion BS, and many people (In our case, Colombia) will be happiness with this new kick!!!
    Is a personal comment, but I like that ColdFusion BS Kill bill’s ASP.NET

  5. Peter Tilbrook Avatar
    Peter Tilbrook

    On behalf of the ACTCFUG thanks for your efforts Ben! You are getting this Breezo thing down pat it seems.
    With any luck we can get you DownUnder for a personal presentation.

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