FlashForward Went Well, But Now Stuck in NYC

My FlashForward presentation went very well. I talked about the basics of using Flash for more than animation, Flash as a client to back-end processing. Demos, an overview of CFML, CFC basics, using the Flash Web Services and Remoting components, we went through it all, and the audience responded well. With all the recent talk of Blackstone and cutting-edge features and needs, it was good to be reminded that there are lots of users out there who are just starting out with server-side processing, and they need ColdFusion basics more than ever before.
And then I ducked out, finished talking at 5:00, in a cab by 5:10, at La Guardia by 5:40, great, I could jump an earlier flight (6:00 pm instead of 7:20 pm). But nope, one by one, every flight delayed and then cancelled (apparently due to a weather system, which I am not seeing here, or on any weather map at So much for quick in and out.

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  1. Hien Nguyen Avatar
    Hien Nguyen

    They like to cancel flights when severe weather is approaching. Once I tried to fly from Newark to Boston but they kept cancelling the flights because of the weather, even though there was no rain or storm over New York. Finally the airline chartered a bus to take us to Boston. The bus broke down right after the George Washington Bridge and we had to wait a long time for another bus to appear. Finally got to Boston at 2 AM, about 8 hours late.

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