The North American segment of the most ambitious (and grueling) user group tour in Macromedia’s history has just finished. Reactions to Blackstone (the next major version of ColdFusion) have been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic, and so I thought it worthwhile to share some of what we’ve shared and heard with you. You could read the article at

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  1. As a "shipping product" ColdFusion is actually only nine years old, not ten. Allaire first shipped CF in July 1995 – so another year yet for CF to "rapidly approach it’s 10th birthday".
    I’ve been using CF since that release date too – hard to believe it’s been nine years already!

  2. This is great stuff, much to look forward to. Ben, one feature that I greatly need for my work is the ability to use java-style interfaces for multiple inheritance in cfc’s. Do you know the likelihood of seeing this in Blackstone?

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