Boston Wraps Things Up

I presented Blackstone to the Boston CFUG this evening, another great presentation (despite the heat and the lack of air conditioning).
So, 2 countries, 17 states, 24 user groups, CFUN, lots of corporate presentations, numerous Breeze presentations, thousands of users, more hotels and flights than I care to recall … and all in under 5 weeks. The North American segment of this tour is now done, and I’m heading home. (I’ll pick up again in Europe and Asia later in the summer).
The response to Blackstone has been phenomenal, users have provided us with lots of useful feedback, and have consistently declared that the Blackstone feature set is bang on target. So much so that the most common response has been “I need it sooner”.
To all of you who attended events and provided feedback, thank you. Your effort in helping to shape Blackstone is appreciated and invaluable.

3 responses to “Boston Wraps Things Up”

  1. Alex Sherwood Avatar
    Alex Sherwood

    Sooner? Can it be? When is the beta? Can we get in on the alpha?! 😉


  2. Seth Avatar

    Hi Ben, thanks for an informative discussion in Boston! You mentioned that cfdocument could output PDF and flashpaper, any plans for output of RTF or other file types?
    Thanks again,

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Seth, we’re discussing it, but nothing definitive yet. There are a few blog postings on the subject here, do a search for RTF.

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