And Philly Makes 21

I presented Blackstone to the Philadelphia user group last night. Some of the attendees had attended CFUN, so I tried to alter the content slightly. This was a rather quiet (almost subdued) group, one of the attendees suggested that that was typical of Philadelphians, but I don’t buy that at all. It took some effort, but I was able to wake them up and even get them to display genuine enthusiasm. The session went well, lots of good questions, and even included a somewhat animated debate on which features should be included with CF Standard and which to only include in CF Enterprise (and no, I did not make any commitments here at all, we’re still trying to figure it all out).
I drive to NJ and NY shortly for 2 more user group sessions today, and then tomorrow I wrap this segment of the tour in Boston. 3 more to go, and we’re within 200 people of our total attendance objective!

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  1. Matthew Fusfield Avatar
    Matthew Fusfield

    Hey Ben,
    Thanks again for the great presentation last night – really enjoyed it even if Philly developers are the quiet type 🙂

  2. David Chaplin-Loebell Avatar
    David Chaplin-Loebell

    Hey Ben–
    I was the guy who claimed Philadelphians are grumpy. I wanted to make clear– if it wasn’t clear yesterday– that I was joking. Philadelphians have a reputation of being hard to please, but as you discovered, it’s mostly an act.
    The second part was impressive, though. I’m particularly excited about the server-side XForms capability. This one item will probably make me move a bunch of my Perl-based apps to ColdFusion.
    By the way, I was also the guy who was asking for the HTML version of CFReport. Upon further consideration, though, I think FlashPaper will meet my needs just fine. PDF by itself wouldn’t be enough– PDFs can’t easily be displayed inside an HTML site. FlashPaper reports can be embedded in HTML pages, so that would probably work for my particular needs.
    Thanks a lot for taking this time away from your family to talk to the grumpy Philadelphians.

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    David, I know that you were kidding, and the crowd did indeed warm up.
    Yes, FlashPaper works well that way. The other nice thing about it is that it can be displayed in a page along with other stuff, whereas PDF takes over the entire page.

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