Washington Takes The Lead From Kansas City

Kansas City held the user group attendance lead (for this tour) for a few weeks, but Washington D.C. took the lead this evening with 100 attendees. About 1/3 of those present had attended my CFUN keynote, so I varied the presentation somewhat (different examples, additional content), answered lots and lots of questions, and listened to all sorts of suggestions and comments. Next stop, Philadelphia.

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  1. darron Avatar

    See you in Philadelphia! Sadly, I didn’t have enough time to create a "Get Forta-fied" shirt to stand out in the crowd. Either way.. I’m still looking forward to the presentation.

  2. Ryan Avatar

    I managed to keep us (Kansas City) in the lead for four whole weeks of this tour…but no…just 1 lousy day after a 500+ person CFUN conference in DC and I’m thrown to the floor by an 11% larger turnout.
    I’ll just take solace in the fact that the metro DC area is FAR larger than Kansas City (4.8M vs 1.8M) and we had a larger per capita attendance (we had better food & door prizes!).
    Ryan, KC CFUG Manager

  3. Paul Kenney Avatar
    Paul Kenney

    Yeah, bribery goes a long way, doesn’t it?

  4. Sam Farmer Avatar
    Sam Farmer

    Go DC. Thanks for coming and showing off Blackstone — can’t wait for the final release.

  5. c Avatar

    It was rather disappointing to hear that fixing the known problem dealing with NULLs between CF and Java is not on the "definite" fix list for Blackstone. It’s issues like this that make folks shake their heads in disbelief and disappointment with the development priorities. Rather than adding new features which often only go half way (e.g., half-baked CFCHART), it would seem to be far better to get some of the long-standing "problems" fixed.

  6. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    C, whether or not it is a "problem" is debatable. But … I did not say that we’d not do it, we’re not done yet. There are lots of enhancements and changes that have been asked for by lots users, we’ll do as many as we can. And the fact that you (and others) asked for it again will hopefully make it a higher priority.

  7. Dave Farr Avatar
    Dave Farr

    Enjoyed your presentation. . Ease of use for the non developer is one of the strengths of CF and I am glad to see that Macromedia will continue to improve in this area.
    One question on PDF. Will there be options to control the amount of compression. Our PDF’s would be image heavy and a one size fits all compression scheme would greatly reduce the value of the PDF output option for us.

  8. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Dave, that one is on the "we’ll try to get it done" list, so no promises.

  9. Sam Farmer Avatar
    Sam Farmer

    Will the pdf functions have the ability to convert other documents (I’m thinking uploaded Word, WordPerfect, etc)?

  10. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Sam, no, that is not part of the spec at this time.

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