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I am still planning to take the Blackstone tour to Europe (and probably Asia too), but it won’t be the week of July 12th as originally planned. The reasons for the change are: A) Summer attendance will not be as good as we’d like, B) I really need a break from this, I am now in the middle of my 5th consecutive week on the road and additional week long trips is just too unfair to my family. I apologize for any inconvenience that this change may cause, and will post updated dates as soon as we finalize them. (On the upside, as the rescheduled presentations will be later in the development cycle, attendees will likely get to see stuff that is not being shown now, a silver lining perhaps).

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  1. Yannis Nakos Avatar
    Yannis Nakos

    As long as you come, there is no issue.
    I think in any case the ones wanting to attend knowing that the information will be valuable will come no matter when.
    As you also say, it’s probably better to have that after holidays period so more people can attend.
    Thanks for coming anyway…Xerox will be there !

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