GPRS in Los Angeles Rocks

I’ve been using my GPRS modem all over the U.S. for several months now, with varying results (both as far as connection reliability and speed). And nowhere has it worked as well as it working today all over the greater Los Angeles area. I’d not (yet) recommend GPRS connections for the masses, but if you live (or frequent) L.A. then you may indeed want to seriously consider trying it out.

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  1. John Beynon Avatar
    John Beynon

    You wait till you get 3G over there and catch the USA catches up with the rest of the worlds mobile technology! I just got one to trial from Vodafone here in the UK, 384kbps almost broadband speeds! They cunningly claim 40% population has 3G coverage already, it’s probably true since most over that is probably in London – not much good in fringe areas though but thats where the card seemlessly flips over to GPRS connection!

  2. Philipp Cielen Avatar
    Philipp Cielen

    Yeah – the US is fun. When I was there last year I had a couple of people asking me what I was typing into my mobile phone. They had never seen anyone sending an SMS! How could you ever live without it…?

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