I spoke to the user group in Sacramento last night (flight delays meant that I was cutting it close, but I did make it, and on time too). Another great presentation, and once again I did not get through all of my content because there were so many questions and comments. Some folks drove 200+ miles to attend, an effort greatly appreciated.
I’ll be working my way down the coast, next stop San Francisco, and then the Los Angeles area (two more user group meetings this week, and a bunch of customer meetings too).
More to follow.

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  1. Ben, never mind all the high praise you’ve earned from the zillions of people you’ve spoken to in the past, here’s what matters to me after attending your session in Sacramento last night — you’re a thoroughly normal guy.
    Seriously, I was sort of expecting a pompous-know-it-all (my bad, sorry), but I quickly came to realize you’re very approachable and easy to get to know and talk to.
    Thanks for coming and keep up the good work.

  2. Ben, As a beginner in CF, driving 180 miles to listen and learn from you is a great experience. It was well worth spending time on the road. The other CF member that drove 200+ shows that learning from you is well worth the trip.
    Thank You so much for your time.

  3. One of the things I did not get to ask you is if Blackstone is going to lean more towards to the cfscript side or leave as is.

  4. During his Portland presentation, he mentioned that it would primarily stay the same.
    In MX they mostly made additions to it to support new features (CFC invocation, Java Object stuff)
    Of course that’s just hearsay on my part.

  5. Ben, I attended the meeting, but had a question I forgot to ask.
    Dealing with the new Flash Datagrid, will it have data paging built-in for larger record sets?

  6. James, I do not believe that paging is in the spec right now, but I’ll pass the suggestion along.

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