Portland Opens Week 4

I presented Blackstone to the user group in Portland, OR, this evening. It’s been quite a while since I was last in Portland, I don’t remember it being so hot here! I had to make lots of last minute demo changes because I installed a new product build and stuff changed (I like living dangerously). So, the attendees did not get to see everything that I had presented previously, but they did get to see reporting features that no one else has seen yet. Attendance was disappointing, but those who were present provided great feedback and seemed genuinely enthusiastic.
I head down to California soon. I’ll be there until Thursday night, and have lots of meetings and presentations scheduled. Thankfully, I spend all of this week on the same time zone!

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  1. Simeon Avatar

    Sorry for the poor turnout but it was nice to have you in portland again. Looking forward to your big news at CFUN.

  2. Chris P. Avatar
    Chris P.

    Absolutely, thanks for coming to PDX.
    I’m really looking forward to the part of your presentation that you’re saving for CFUN.
    And the new CFFORM, CFDOCUMENT, and CFREPORT stuff is easily going to get my boss to upgrade to Blackstone.

  3. Tim Avatar

    Thanks for visiting Portland. I think the lack of attendance was related to the following issues.
    A poorly managed user group in Portland. There was at least 2 employees from Isitedesign at the conference and none of volunteered to run down to their office and get the feedback forms? Isn’t the user group manager supposed to make sure these things happen? Why didn’t he go?
    The user group website was down periodically before the event and has been rarely updated this year.
    In addition, the Portland Coldfusion user group is not a user group at all but strictly a marketing vehicle for Isitedesign.
    Regardless, I hope you choose to visit Portland in the future we really do have a lively Coldfusion community here.

  4. Joseph DeVore Avatar
    Joseph DeVore

    Unfortunately, I would have to agree with Tim’s comments.
    Plus IMO, the PDX CFUG manager dropped the ball and didn’t really make it known that this event was even happening. After Ben posted the URL on his site, someone (the PDX CFUG manager?) forgot to renew the domain name and the link on Ben’s site didn’t get updated to the .com address, which worked – therefore anyone that tried to get info about it, couldn’t unless they knew to try the dot com address. (Almost all of the links around the web that point to the PDX CFUG, point to .ORG)
    I agree that we do have a TON of ColdFusion developers in this city, some exceptionally talented ones.
    I personally feel that the lack of promotion for this event was it’s biggest down fall.
    Additionally, the economy in Oregon is horrible and makes it difficult for some to take days off work.
    Ben, Sorry I missed you again – Maybe next time buddy. Get ahold of me when things slow down for you.

  5. Paul Williams Avatar
    Paul Williams

    In terms of involvement in the user forum we would welcome the opportunity for others such as Fusium to get involved. Today we pay all expenses and bare all responsibilities for putting on each monthly meeting. We would love nothing more than to have help from the community!
    Regarding the site being down this year, we’ve had two instances where an old group member who volunteered to host the site first sold his hosting business and dropped the site from his servers and then had the domain expire as was already mentioned. Since the domain was is his name ISITE had to track down the registrar after the old member was unresponsive to emails for several weeks. The issue has been corrected.
    If you would like to get involved, please e-mail me or Tyler Fitch

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