Three in Texas Kicks off Week 3

I am in Houston, Texas, and just finished the third of three presentations here.
Monday midday was a lunchtime presentation in Austin, at the Alamo Drafthouse (a rather eccentric feeling cinema / bar). This was my first trip to Austin in almost 5 years, long overdue. And attendance was great, especially for a midday session. The presentation went very well, lots of great feedback, and I was even presented with a couple of CDs featuring local music. Thanks, I’ll be back (but perhaps not when the thermometer hits 95 degrees, ugh!).
Then an hour and a half drive over to San Antonio, my first trip to this city (which feels more like a small town, which it decidedly is not). The presentation was hosted by the Southwest Research Institute on beautiful sprawling grounds, complete with roaming deer. This was a smaller and more intimate group, and about half were not ColdFusion users (yet).
This morning I flew over to Houston (into Hobby, not IAH, as many of you know I’ve not had the best of luck when flying via IAH). I met with corporate customers earlier in the day, and then presented to the user group in the evening. This was the most engaged and interactive group yet, there were so many questions and comments that I covered only about 2/3 of the presentation. And then a group of us hung out at the bar while watching the Pistons annihilate the Lakers.
Next stop, Phoenix, Arizona.

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  1. Rick Mason Avatar
    Rick Mason

    I was in Detroit on Tuesday and the place was totally consumed with Piston fever. I don’t remember it being this strong during the Bad Boys era. WXYZ had a 67 share for the game! I truly hope this is a start of a dynasty.

  2. James Husum, F.E. Avatar
    James Husum, F.E.

    Just wanted to say ‘Thanks!’ again for a great presentation. We certainly hope that you keep Houston in mind for any future tours.
    If they keep all the things you showed us in the final release of Blackstone it should rock! And for the cfforms data binding, *please* try to encourage them to handle the multiple dropdown boxes feeding other dropdown boxes function. That would help immensely.

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