Government Online Learning Center, Powered by ColdFusion

The Government Online Learning Center,, is a US Government resource providing e-training products and services to Federal employees. Created to supports the President’s Management Agenda (PMA), the site is continually growing with the addition of products and services and performance support tools that meet critical and Government wide needs of the workforce. The site is designed to resemble a virtual campus, using pictures of hallways (click on a door to enter) and elevators (go to a different level for more options), and a registration desk (for registration, duh!). And of course, the center is powered by ColdFusion.

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  1. Alex Aguilar Avatar
    Alex Aguilar

    Here’s another website running Coldfusion
    the site is currently getting hammered but it’s in regards to the following article
    On a more serious note here’s a corporate website I noticed running coldfusion the other day

  2. Hien Nguyen Avatar
    Hien Nguyen

    Very nice site. A related one that also runs on ColdFusion is:

  3. Dave Carabetta Avatar
    Dave Carabetta

    Ventured over to Esther Dyson’s company site (, and noticed it was in ColdFusion:
    Why do I point this out? Well, as Robert Scoble points out in his blog entry about a meeting with her (, "Esther is in the top tier of most powerful people in the industry."
    Looks like she’s also pretty smart!! 😉

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