Three for Missouri

I just wrapped my third presentation in Missouri in 25 hours.
Last night was the Kansas City user group, with over 90 attendees (they’ve now taken the lead on this tour, which group will challenge them?). This was the most engaged and interactive group yet. I didn’t have to prompt for questions here, these guys just kept on going and going and going. Just the way I like it. Attendance might have been helped by the food, these guys laid on a full meal, impressive!
This morning I drove from Kansas City to Columbia (a hundred or so miles West on I-70). Columbia is a college town, and home to a Macromedia User Group (as opposed to a CFUG). Over 50 attendees at a lunch time presentation, very good response, indeed. About half of those present were Dreamweaver and Flash users, not ColdFusion users, so I had to change the presentation somewhat to accommodate the group. This was a rather quite and reserved bunch, some of that is typical of presentations in academic settings, and part of it was probably the room (formal auditorium, sitting much higher than the presenter looking down, big tables as a separator, all of that makes for a slightly intimidating experience which often seems to impact interaction). I don’t get to visit the smaller, off-the-beaten-track, groups often enough, and I am really glad that I was able to speak to this group.
Then a drive from Columbia to St. Louis (another hundred or so miles West on I-70). This was a more typical CFUG event, with just over 50 attendees. Lots of good questions here, and was the big winner.
Next stop, Chicago.

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  1. David Dames Avatar
    David Dames

    Thanks for coming to STL, I learned a lot about CF being a beginner and I’m anxious for the next version. Also your presentation was very lively for a tech demo. Nothing crashed either during the presentation. You turned me from saying "What’s all this then?"; to "WOW! this is some cool stuff!" and there was much rejoicing.

  2. Ryan Avatar

    Ben, fyi, you drove EAST to Columbia and then East to St. Louis. If you had driven West you would be in Denver 🙂
    The Kansas City CFUG ( was very well represented. We had a number of fantastic sponsors, BBQ dinner for all, great door prizes, etc.
    Thanks Ben! I’ll send you a few pictures tonight.

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Ryan, oops!
    A) It was close to midnight when I posted that. Is that a good enough excuse? 🙂
    B) Thank goodness for my GPS, huh?

  4. tsingh Avatar

    Great presentation, I drove to the KC meeting from Wichita and it was worth it! Excellent info I really enjoyed it and look forward to seeing what makes it into the final build. Thanks for taking the time to see what developers and users want to see in the product, Im sure it is a lot work and time for you. Next time you will have to stop by the Wichita MMUG! hint hint

  5. Amber Avatar

    Thanks for stopping in Columbia, MO. I am a Flash and DreamWeaver user who has never used Cold Fusion, although I have it as part of Studio MX.
    Hearing about Blackstone was encouragement to start using the product.

  6. Bradford Fetter Avatar
    Bradford Fetter

    What time is the Portland, OR event on the 21 of June?

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