East Lansing Loves ColdFusion

Last night’s presentation to the ColdFusion user group in East Lansing, Michigan, went really well. About 45 attendees (some of whom drove for several hours to join the fun), and the most interactive and engaged crowd yet. The group introduced themselves one by one, and announced how long they had been using ColdFusion – in all there was over 150 years of ColdFusion experience in the room, very impressive. They loved the demos, and the big winners were printing and reporting, and the simple creation of Flash based forms (both Flash versions of tags like and , and complete Flash forms). Lots of great feedback, as I have come to expect from this group. Thanks guys!

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  1. Doug Hughes Avatar
    Doug Hughes

    I grew up in EL and I’m disappointed I didn’t get to be there. Ah well, I’ll catch you in DC.
    Anyone reading this who was there?

  2. Misty Mills Avatar
    Misty Mills

    I was there and had a wonderful time. It was well worth the drive out from Ann Arbor.

  3. Angie Hurlbut Avatar
    Angie Hurlbut

    I agree with Misty. Even though I have yet to use ColdFusion, I found the whole thing to be informative and well worth my hour drive up there!
    Thank you, Ben!

  4. Rick Mason Avatar
    Rick Mason

    Well it was our distinct privilege to hear you speak last night Ben. For those not in attendance last night we interrupted Ben’s demo for applause at least a dozen times!
    For those groups who haven’t yet seen Ben – ask him to be sure to show you "the happy tomato" and you will be glad you did :<)!
    Rick Mason
    Mid-Michigan CFUG

  5. Nick Kwiatkowski Avatar
    Nick Kwiatkowski

    Always a pleasure to have Ben in town! An excellent discussion about many different things, including the new CF 🙂
    Great job Ben, and keep it up! I’m sure the other user groups are as excited about CF as we were!
    -Nick Kwiatkowski

  6. John Farrar Avatar
    John Farrar

    Excellent preview… Blackstone is on track… for practically everything you expect! If there were one word that would describe the next version of CF it would be "COMPELLING"! Don’t miss checking out all the fine features in your town… or you will certainly be missing out. I am chomping at the bit for a chance to get my hands on the BETA… and if life weren’t so precious… I would jump ahead in time to use the product!

  7. Rick Mason - MMCFUG Avatar
    Rick Mason – MMCFUG

    For those interested here are some pictures from Ben’s visit to our group.

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