Now Showing: Harry Potter and ColdFusion

The J.K. Rowling official site in online at (For you muggles, J.K. is Harry Potter’s mom, kind of). This site is chock full of secrets, and lots of folks are visiting it trying to find the portkeys to the hidden goodies. And when I say lots of folks I mean tens of millions in the past couple of weeks. And the best part? The site is Flash on the client, and ColdFusion on the server.

4 responses to “Now Showing: Harry Potter and ColdFusion”

  1. Dave Carabetta Avatar
    Dave Carabetta

    "J.K. is Harry Potter’s mom, kind of." Isn’t that a bit morbid considering Harry’s parents are dead?! 😉

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    That is why I said "kind of"! 🙂

  3. Craig M. Rosenblum Avatar
    Craig M. Rosenblum

    It’s amazing what these muggles can come up with!
    It’s quite a delight that we can create web applications, with just a flick
    of our wands.

  4. Marco Antonio Gonçalves Avatar
    Marco Antonio Gonçalves

    That reminds me of that song That’s a Kind of Magic…

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