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Last night’s presentation to the Atlanta CFUG went very well. Attendance was less than expected, but the room was full, the crowd interactive, the questions and suggestions right on target, and I have only a mild hangover. In addition to locals (folks from all over Georgia), attendees made the trek from Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee. The big winner last night? Printing and reporting functionality, there is a definite trend here.
I had to get up really early today (brutally so), and just landed in Jacksonville, Florida. I have some customer meetings today, and the 4th user group presentation this evening.
More to follow.

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  1. Adam Howitt Avatar
    Adam Howitt

    More leading questions on the poll I see Ben 😉 I’d like to see that poll switched to multiple selection… At times I know RTF is a winnner since there are no legalities involved with the site visitors modifying the contents of the document but other times when I am displaying invoices and shipping documents, I don’t want the user to edit the document for legal reasons so Flash paper or PDF is better.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Adam, RTF is in the "if we have time" list right now.
    And I deliberately did not allow multiple selections in that poll, I wanted a "if you could pick one, what would it be response".

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