Louisville CFUG Presentation, or Blackstone Versus the Tornado

I presented Blackstone and The Future of ColdFusion to the Louisville, KY, CFUG last night. The event was sponsored by CFXHosting, and graciously hosted by UPS. The presentation went well, all the demos worked, and the group was genuinely excited by what they saw. One non-CF user in the group said that what he saw could be enough to make him switch from PHP! The only downer was the attendance which was significantly lower than expected. The reason? A tornado warning (yes, a warning, not a watch) followed by rainstorms, wind, and awesome lightning shows. I stood in front of the hotel watching the sky light up in multiple directions at once, what a beautiful site (the pictures I took don’t do it justice, but see Next stop Atlanta, home to CNN, Coca Cola, the 1996 Olympics, and some of the best CFUG meetings ever. (I’m on the way to the airport as I post this).

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  1. Ed Rynearson Avatar
    Ed Rynearson

    We’re excited about your arrival in Chicago. No tornados here although we are sinking into Lake Michigan.

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