Last Minute Demo Tweaking

Software is a living evolving entity, and this is especially true of software that is mid-development. I’ll be presenting Blackstone to the Toronto CFUG in under 2 hours, and I am holed up in my hotel room frantically tweaking demos (or rather, making demos that worked with prior Blackstone builds work with the latest builds). Live demos with pre-beta software, talk about living on the edge!
Tonight’s demos will all be live, no smoke and mirrors or slight of hand, that’s a promise. It is possible that some demos will fail, and it is likely that I may have to add or pull topics on-the-fly. One thing is for sure, this is going to be fun, and I can’t wait to get started.
So, who will be the first to blog the goods? 🙂

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  1. Oliver Merk Avatar
    Oliver Merk

    I’ll be the first of the attendees to say it was a great presentation! Some of the new features will truly revolutionize the way we build our applications. If only I had a blog of my own to list them all;)

  2. Rick Avatar

    The presentation last night was great Ben. Thanks so much for coming out and giving us some insights into what’s coming. All the new features surrounding forms and CFDOCUMENT are very exciting. And while it was said by a few people I talked to that there is nothing really new that we can’t do already what is important is that now we can do the same things in 1/10th of the time. This has always been the strength of CF and I hope it continues to be. In addition being able to do things like generate PDFs on the fly and do quick and simple form layouts with styles, means I can offer more power to clients who couldn’t previously afford it.
    Now if only it was coming out sooner 🙂

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