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IIS 6 has been remarkably successful since it was introduced just over a year ago. As per Netcraft (reported in May 2004), “2,100,000 hostnames were identified on Windows Server 2003, with a gain of 390,000 hostnames since April 2004. Around 50% of these are new sites, while just under 100,000 have migrated from Linux.” Or in other words, 1/4 of the IIS6 hosted sites deployed in April 2004 migrated from Linux. That is impressive, but Microsoft wants more. Which is why Microsoft launched the “Try IIS” campaign earlier this week, with an accompanying website at Read it for yourself, are you convinced?

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  1. Alex Hubner Avatar
    Alex Hubner

    "Try IIS6 today and see if you can still alive on the web tomorrow…" ;o) just kidding, IIS 6.0 is a very nice webserver. There’s no reason to use another webserver under Win2k3 (I see a lot of people using Apache 2.0 on it and a lot of crazy guys using Apache 1.3x (which is not optimized nor should be used on Windows)… I’ve heard IIS6 came with a nice feature that allows you to isolate (automatically) poor performance and tricky websites from the rest of the server.
    Recommended but not so charming as the old and invencible Apache under Linux.

  2. Jim Avatar

    I think Microsoft wants you to ‘try’ Windows Server 2003 🙂 My IIS 5 and Windows 2000 isn’t broke and I’m in no rush to fix it, esp. regarding the contining delays of the next version on Windows. Who knows where things are going?
    It would be interesting to see ‘why’ there is a big jump. People on NT/2000 moving because of end of support cycles? I doubt it’s only because of IIS 6.

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