During the MacroChat this afternoon, I mentioned that Symantec was using ColdFusion on their public site, and several of you e-mailed to tell me that you looked and only saw .html URLs. So, go to http://www.symantec.com/ and click on “Products and Services”, just about every link in the Products section is a .cfm link. In addition, their Enterprise Solutions site at http://enterprisesecurity.symantec.com/ is chock full of .cfm links. It’s always good to find well known public facing ColdFusion powered sites.

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  1. What does it really matter. Its still ColdFusion and not some other language. What’s good for BlueDragon is good for CFML.

  2. I have to agree with Paul on this one. Plus, reviewing archived pages seems to indicate that Symantec’s use of ColdFusion predates BlueDragon. Bottom line, it’s a high profile CFML powered site, and that is good news.

  3. This may be a bit of a reach… but Symantec is a security focused company (at least that’s their piece of my mindshare). So for me, and likely others, there is an conclusion, however subtle or subliminal, that ColdFusion = secure.

  4. Less impressive, but I notice that JK Rowling’s much talked about new site also seems to have a CF back end. OK, so the site almost entirely Flash – still a good advert for Macromedia.

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