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During the MacroChat this afternoon, I mentioned that Symantec was using ColdFusion on their public site, and several of you e-mailed to tell me that you looked and only saw .html URLs. So, go to and click on “Products and Services”, just about every link in the Products section is a .cfm link. In addition, their Enterprise Solutions site at is chock full of .cfm links. It’s always good to find well known public facing ColdFusion powered sites.

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  1. Brian Avatar

    And how do we know that isn’t BlueDragon?

  2. Paul Kenney Avatar
    Paul Kenney

    What does it really matter. Its still ColdFusion and not some other language. What’s good for BlueDragon is good for CFML.

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    I have to agree with Paul on this one. Plus, reviewing archived pages seems to indicate that Symantec’s use of ColdFusion predates BlueDragon. Bottom line, it’s a high profile CFML powered site, and that is good news.

  4. Per Avatar

    I don’t know if this is old news, but also uses CF 🙂

  5. David Avatar

    This may be a bit of a reach… but Symantec is a security focused company (at least that’s their piece of my mindshare). So for me, and likely others, there is an conclusion, however subtle or subliminal, that ColdFusion = secure.

  6. nobody important Avatar
    nobody important

    Less impressive, but I notice that JK Rowling’s much talked about new site also seems to have a CF back end. OK, so the site almost entirely Flash – still a good advert for Macromedia.

  7. Troy Avatar

    I’ll throw our site into this discussion. Secure Computing at <a href=""></a&gt; is a Nasdaq (SCUR) company who makes the world’s strongest firewall – Sidewinder G2. We have other top notch network security products as well, check us out. CF powers all our sites, public facing and intranet too.

  8. Troy Avatar

    Ok, try this URL without all the funky characters: 🙂

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