Deploying Applications Without CFML Source

Wow, I make one little “by the way” comment in a MacroChat, and the e-mails start immediately! So, just to be sure that I don’t get misquoted …
I first demonstrated the ability to deploy ColdFusion applications without deploying source code in my keynote at DevCon 2001 in Orlando. There were no smoke-and-mirrors involved, I really did write CFML code, compile it, and then run the application without local source. But we ran into technical difficulties later in the development cycle, and thus pulled that feature from ColdFusion MX just to be on the safe side. What I said today (in response to a question in the chat pod) was that yes, we are planning this as a feature in Blackstone. I did not comment on how this will work, and did not discuss implementation at all. But, that being said, this is indeed planned.

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  1. Marco Antonio Gonçalves Avatar
    Marco Antonio Gonçalves

    Great news, Ben!

  2. Adedeji Olowe Avatar
    Adedeji Olowe

    Will blackstone allow a coldfusion engine to be compiled along with the application so that it could run without having to install the server?
    Like the way you compile DLL along with your apps…

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    That would be nice, Adedeji, wouldn’t it? 😉

  4. Doug Hughes Avatar
    Doug Hughes

    I’ve seen Ben present a few times. One time I asked him about a particular feature of the pending MX 6.1 release and he got this silly little grin and said he couldn’t answer the question….. It turned out that feature did exist! So, I’d take the 😉 as a good sign!

  5. Dave Avatar

    Sorry to appear stupid, but what does this mean?

  6. Micha Schopman Avatar
    Micha Schopman

    Wooohooo I waited so long for that feature. The only missing now is a decent CFML profiler.

  7. TCS Avatar

    Do you mean as a way to protect the code as in a publicity sense? So that what the web browser actually hits isn’t markup but rather the CFML encoded in a special new format that the server decodes and renders to the browser? Wowee!

  8. rafael Avatar

    does this mean we can now compile our cf online apps. to, for example, java apps

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