Book By "Bad Customer Service Junkie"

I’ve posted several rants about bad customer service, and these caught the eye of Adam Bailine who calls himself “a bad customer service junkie”. He e-mailed me to tell me about his book “Service this: Winning the war against Customer Disservice”. I have not seen the book yet, so no reviews, but this is what Adam had to say:
“We self published it, and started our own indie company called Last Chapter First. Service this offers frustrated, abused consumers a way to fight back against bad customer service–from helpful dialogue in one-on-one situations, to writing effective letters/emails, to escalating things up to the highest levels of a corporation. Currently, it’s available at http:/, and so far, sales have been good. (I guess there are a lot of people out there who don’t want to take it anymore.)”

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  1. David Avatar

    I like that they are using Cafe Press to publish their book. I like the whole idea of Cafe Press’ on demand publishing though I’ve found the quality of their baseball caps to be less than desirable.

  2. Jake Avatar

    Thanks for the info. I’ll be sure to check it out… looks interesting!

  3. Chris P. Avatar
    Chris P.

    I just had 3 weeks of hell being disserviced by everyone trying to get my car fixed after someone threw a rock at it. Just ordered a copy. I’ll try to get back here and post a short review.

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