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I have an XBox (well, the family does, I don’t get to use it that much), and have games that my older kids enjoy. But the younger ones want to play too, and so I am looking for title suggestions from any junior XBox players (3-5 year olds). Nothing violent (duh!), so nothing involving shooting killing or otherwise maiming, but also nothing overly dumbed-down either. Any suggestions?

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  1. Erik Avatar

    look for anything related to racing and kids films. my kids love shrek, harry potter and any racing game.

  2. Richard Leggett Avatar
    Richard Leggett

    Sonic Heroes is big, bright, colourful and fast. If it was sweet as well kids would love it!

  3. Nelson Winters Avatar
    Nelson Winters

    Check out Sega Pico. This was specifically made for little kids and all the games for it are suitable. I don’t think they’re sold in stores anymore, but you can pick one up with several games off ebay for less than the cost of a single xbox game.

  4. JesterXL Avatar

    I think the demo graphics for that age group is Gamecube, not XBox. However, there are some sega ports of sonic the Hedgehog which are safe, anything of the megaman genre is usually young targeted, although, that gets a little weaponish if you know what I mean; the excuse of "they’re mainly robots" is a little tough to explain to yer youngin’s; judgement call.
    Sorry bro, every game I’ve played is pretty violente… all I can think of is a Gamecube. They have a plethora of games targeted at the younger gen. I know it really doesn’t help too much; again, most XBox games I wouldn’t let my kids (if I had any) touch.

  5. walkerz Avatar

    My 4 & 5 year old love the 4 wheeler racing game called ATV:Quad power racing and also Star Wars:Clone Wars. has a great review section that will help you filter down and find games for the young ones. Check it out.

  6. Alan Williamson Avatar
    Alan Williamson

    Would agree with the comments here; my 3yr old loves Sonic, and recently on a whim i purchased ItalianJob secondhand from Amazon (which incidentally is where you should buy all your xbox games; don’t get suckered into the 40quid-a-pop games), which he plays all the time now. Racing mini’s around fair tickles him.
    CrashKartBandikoot is another one that gets played every so often. Although it has to be said, he’s moved off my xbox (finally!) and back to the PC where we bought the Disney box set of 10 games all from the movies; now those have turned out to be a real surprise purchase and every single one of them being great and educational.

  7. Erin Avatar

    Echoing the other comments, anything from a children’s movie… the Simpsons games are violent in a Simpsons kind of way, but generally kid safe.

  8. Lisa Avatar

    The ratings should help at that age – I was suckered into thinking that a ‘teen’ game would be okay for a mature 9 and 8 year old, but one ‘teen’ game I got was REALLY racy, so definitely stick with ‘E’ ratings. The Shrek 2 game, Harry Potter, and Sonic are all good recommendations. Spyro is good if they make that for Xbox. My kids are kind of evolving off of GameCube onto the PS2 and Xbox now, so they’re into games like Grabbed by the Ghoulies which are pre-teen.

  9. Nick Bradbury Avatar
    Nick Bradbury

    I ran into the same problem with my kids. I wanted to get an XBox or PS2, but there weren’t enough suitable games for toddlers.
    In the end, I let them us an old laptop of mine, and downloaded RealArcade. RealArcade lets you try dozens of games suitable for kids, including the old Sonic series.

  10. Bill King Avatar
    Bill King

    Just second-ing the notion for the ATV game listed above. I know some younger kids that will play that one for hours.

  11. Ardi Mekanik Avatar
    Ardi Mekanik

    Hi Ben,
    Longtime CF Developer. Glad to finally have an opportunity to give YOU some advice and I hope it will help. A great XBox game for youngsters is "Jet Set Future Radio". With comic-like cell shading, Japanese animation, and hip characters, it should be a blast for anyone, especially youngins. Hope this helps.
    P.S. We were thinking of upgrading from CF 6.0 to 6.1. Would it be worth it at this point or should we just wait ’til the next version? Thanks.
    – Ardi Mekanik

  12. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Ardi, thanks for the recommendation.
    And yes, upgrade immediately.

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