A new six-part ColdFusion training series has been posted to http://www.macromedia.com/devnet/mx/coldfusion/articles/rd_cf.html. These Flash based videos start with absolute basics, and move up to data driven pages, and even using ColdFusion Components. If you are new to ColdFusion, or have yet to work with CFC’s, these are highly recommended. (FYI: these tutorials were created using Macromedia RoboDemo).

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  1. Thanks Ben, this will be a useful resource for training folks in our development group.
    BTW we have been using RoboDemo to send bug reports to our web development contractor in germany! It has saved a lot of frustration trying explain the bugs we are experiencing.

  2. Great resource… especially the tutorial on CFCs.
    In Tutorial 5, Slide 29, the caption should read "Select and delete the cfargument and the cfset tag" instead of "cftag set".

  3. These tutorials were a good refresher. I’m rather new to CFMX, but have learned a great deal in a short time. I used to swear by ASP/VBScript, but after delving into Cold Fusion, I have been nothing but happy with it’s performance, capabilties, and ease of use.
    Forta.com is a good resource for CF Tips, and the latest happenings in the world of CF. Hopefully in time, I will be able to add mad development skills to my design skills and make a site that is both beautiful to look at, and does amazing things.
    I’m so convinced of CF, that I prefer all my projects with clients in them by default.

  4. Ben, I’ve looked at that URL you referenced, but I am not clear on which links are the six videos that you mention.
    Can you specify which ones are the training videos?

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