Flash, Flex, ColdFusion “Blackstone”, … lots to talk about, and thus time for a user group tour. I love talking to user groups, and do so regularly, but it has been a long time since I did a full blown tour. And so we’re putting together a new tour, planning to visiting at least 20 North American groups in the month of June 2004, and possibly e-visiting many others. This will be the largest CFUG/MMUG tour to date (the largest tour thus far was Fall 2001 with 18 locations) and should be lots of fun. I’ll post dates and venues as soon as they are finalized.

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  1. Ben,
    I think NASA and United Space Alliance at KSC would like to hear from you if you are in the area.

  2. Ben, Phoenix and the AzCFUG would love to have you here again! Your presentation provided a major boost to our group. You’re always welcome here.

  3. I’ll third the Phoenex one … hiya connie & rob. Not that I’m afraid we’d get skipped over 🙂

  4. w00t!
    Phoenix in the summer. I think I speak for all of us when I say we appreciate that 🙂

  5. I’ll second that wOOt!!! Phoenix is looking forward to having you out here Ben!

  6. Jacksonville is on the list. North Carolina and Nashville are not, but the list is still being worked on, so stay tuned. And I’ll pass on your votes.

  7. Ben, th Wichita, KS MMUG is brand new and we would love to have you in Wichita. We can possible do a combination with Kansas City down here in Wichita. Thanks!

  8. Thanks for the suggestions, I’ve passed them on and will post more details as I have them.

  9. Julio, I will come through Texas, right now it looks like Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. I hope to have a final(ish) list to post today.

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