MAX 2004 Dates

Lots of you have been asking about MAX 2004 dates and location. The official MAX announcement is due shortly, and I can’t discuss the location until then. But, to help with scheduling, here are the dates (as they stand now, although nothing is final until the official announcement). MAX 2004 is scheduled for November 1st – 4th in … oops, can’t tell you that yet. 🙂

10 responses to “MAX 2004 Dates”

  1. Calvin Ward Avatar
    Calvin Ward

    Bah! Tease!
    So then.. when is shortly?

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Shortly 🙂

  3. Steve Avatar

    Bummer, that’s on the date of the election. I and a lot of local government types will be working. Guess I won’t be going to…wherever.

  4. Rob Brooks-Bilson Avatar
    Rob Brooks-Bilson

    I don’t know why Macromedia insists on doing this during the election. They (Allaire) did it over the election in 2002. It was fun watching things go down at the special event, but doing the whole absentee ballot thing, especially given the Florida fiasco, is a huge PITA!

  5. Rob Brooks-Bilson Avatar
    Rob Brooks-Bilson

    Ha, make that the 2000 election!

  6. Sam Farmer Avatar
    Sam Farmer

    Its in Springfield, right?
    (Said in true Simpsons fashion…)

  7. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    I know there were some cocerns about Election Day affecting attendance, but to put it in perspective, we did this in 2000 and that was the best attendeed conference ever.
    And Rob, I actually kinda liked the abstentee ballot ahead of time and then watching the fun on the day, made for a fun event.

  8. Rob Brooks-Bilson Avatar
    Rob Brooks-Bilson

    Yeah, that really was a great conference. Here’s to hoping that the 2004 event is every bit as good as the previous conferences 😉

  9. Michael Conger Avatar
    Michael Conger

    The 2000 conf during the election was fun indeed. Although I (and a lot of other folks) were REALLY dragging the following morning. We all stayed up until 2am in the lobby bar waiting for the results… after all, it couldn’t take more than an hour or two to count the votes in Florida right?
    Anyway, I’m secretly hoping (ok.. openly asking) that MM give those of us in the middle of the country some love! You know… us folks that live in what you costal peeps call "fly-over country". Believe it or not, people actually live down there in all that snow! So how ’bout Chicago or Minneapolis (the original birthplace of CF if I’m not mistaken).

  10. Phillip Kerman Avatar
    Phillip Kerman

    " we did this in 2000 and that was the best attendeed conference ever. "
    And look how that election turne out!

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