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To help ColdFusion developers better understand Flex and what it means to them, I have posted:
A Breeze presentation at
An article (containing both positioning and an example application) at

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  1. seancorfield Avatar

    Nice example application! I had two small problems:
    1) my Flex config didn’t allow calls to localhost host until I edited the whitelist
    2) my CF server doesn’t have the metrics service enabled so I got an ugly Axis fault

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    1) I thought that that was noted in the text, if not, I’ll add.
    2) Yep, I realized today that CF on top of J2EE would not return the GetMetricsData data. I should probably modify the CFC code to return 0 values in that scenario.

  3. Rick Avatar

    Another good article. Can I suggest another one?
    If you would compile your previous posts/articles on running CF on top of JRrun into one, add the new new Flex info, and then step-by-step explain how to set up JRUN (I’m assuming this is required), put CF 6.1 on top and then put on Flex.
    I’d like to be able to have my CF pages display Flex swfs, and not spend several days searching and piecing together all the information required to get this to work.
    Tokyo Rick

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