Netcraft: ColdFusion Use Ahead of ASP.Net and JSP/Servlets

Netcraft is running a story on how in March “the number of IP addresses with sites using ASP.NET has overtaken those using JSP and Java Servlets.” But look at the graph seen on It definitely shows ASP.NET on the rise, but it also shows ColdFusion use still climbing, and significantly ahead of both ASP.NET and JSP/Servlets.
Now, just to be clear, this chart shows ASP.NET and not ASP. Had ASP been included it would have been up top. And the fact that ASP.NET has so quickly taken over JSP and Servlets is not really surprising (and is more a testament to how painful and unintuitive JSP and Servlet development is than anything else).
For me, the most important part of the chart is the red ColdFusion line which is still climbing. Considering how often we hear the “ColdFusion is dead” proclamation, this is relevant and exciting. Especially when taken in context. Netcraft only pings public facing sites, the space that has never represented where ColdFusion is most used (by some estimates more than 75% of ColdFusion use is on Intranets etc.). In other words, even where ColdFusion has never really dominated, it continues to remain strong and growing. That’s compelling, indeed.

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  1. Dave Carabetta Avatar
    Dave Carabetta

    You know what still gets me though? Even 4 years (if not more) after the tweak of the name, you still see "Cold Fusion" instead of "ColdFusion"! On my job search agents, I always have to specify both just to make sure I get the right hits.

  2. gb Avatar

    Go ColdFusion go! 🙂
    Does anyone know about PHP trend? I read about it on a Windows Server machines:

  3. AJ Avatar

    Of course, every survey is only worth as much as the survey methdology… the only thing that Netcraft is checking for is the existence of a three/four letter suffix (.cfm vs. .aspx vs. .asp vs. .jsp). Many, if not most Java web applications don’t show links to .jsp, which makes this survey, at least the servlet/JSP part, useless.

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    AJ, agreed, and thus my comment that the most important part of the chart is the CF line itself, not the comparisons.

  5. Michael Vidal Avatar
    Michael Vidal

    If running CF MX do you really need to have Jrun4 on your system – can we uninstall it. What added value does JRUN4 offer that CF MX can’t do.
    CF MX is J2EE. Who needs Jrun.

  6. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Michael, even if you opt to not use JRun, CF itself does use it and needs it (unless you have another J2EE server installed for CF to use).

  7. Ken Westin Avatar
    Ken Westin

    If only ASP.NET is listed, then it would make sense to have the survey only list ColdFusion MX vs. putting the two together as one application server since they really are two different things. I would like to see the adoption rate of CFMX vs Classic ColdFusion.

  8. David Avatar

    Does anyone have updates as of 2007 on where ColdFusion stands in terms of % of use compared to .NET and JSPs?

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